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A Tea for All Season Mary Pielenz Hampton

A Tea for All Season

Mary Pielenz Hampton

ISBN : 9780310972617
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 About the Book 

Like a deliciously brewed cup of tea, time with the Lord should be an experience of refreshment, a time to savor. A Tea for All Seasons helps you turn your devotions into special, celebrated moments -- a time when you tea with the King of Kings This warmly written, beautifully designed book is as invigorating as a cup of Earl Grey. Walking you through the seasons of life, Mary Hampton invites you to turn them, one by one, into reflective moments filled with their own unique flavors -- moments mirrored in these eighteen unique, devotional tea times drawn from the book of Ecclesiastes. Share them with friends or make them your own intimate times with the Lord. Either way, the thoughtful combinations of flavorful teas and tasty snacks will do more than tantalize your taste buds. They will awaken your spirit to new ways of learning about God, about others, about life... about you.Enjoy the informative history of tea, the savory recipes, the rich teas, the insightful devotions with Scripture verses. Delight your eyes with the gorgeous, full color photographs. And discover a new way of celebrating communion with God -- one that unlocks the full bouquets of spring and the secret essences of winter -- in A Tea for All Seasons.