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Raptured By Both of Them Naughty Daydreams Press

Raptured By Both of Them

Naughty Daydreams Press

Published October 9th 2014
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 About the Book 

Five Double Penetration Erotica StoriesThe Double Penetration Collection Volume ThreeDouble penetration…the very thought was unthinkable just a few decades ago and now it’s one of the biggest fantasies for women! If you’ve ever wondered, you’re sure to enjoy this collection filled with lovely ladies experiencing the very definition of “filled” as they experience anal sex while they’re already filled from the front. Each bundle of five stories is sure to please!In this volume, RAPTURED BY BOTH OF THEM, you’ll find lovely women pushed to their limits with a guy in the back and a guy in the front. With first anal sex and plenty of rough thrills, this collection is sure to get your motor running so burn the candle on both ends and stay up reading this on your e-reader. Click now and it can be there in seconds!1. BENT OVER IN THE BACKYARD BY BOTH MY FRIENDS (My Absolutely Unexpected Double Penetration)An MFM Erotica Story by Nancy BrocktonSometimes things just happen. A squirrel darts across the road, you swerve to avoid it, and your car ends up kissing a guardrail. The alarm doesn’t go off in the morning, and you get fired for being late one time. Your friend’s dog nuzzles up to you, and when you reach down to stroke its head, it whips around and nips your hand in defense. Things happen. In my case, I fucked my best friends. I didn’t just fuck them either. It was first anal sex from Trent while Brad was already in!2. DOUBLE TEAM THE TEACHER! (A Rough MFM Threesome Sex Erotica Story) by D.P. BackhausLena isn’t surprised when two of her students come into her office and complain about their grades, but she is surprised at how insistent they are. They’re big and strong (and very, very attractive) and she feels uncomfortable as hell. She’s about to discover how far they’re willing to go to get her attention, and in this case it means a rough double team sex encounter!3. MINISKIRT MAYHEM (A Sex In Public Gangbang Erotica Story) by Jessica CrockerChelsea’s friend Nancy insists on making her go out to have some fun after her breakup. It might have been okay if she hadn’t made her dress in a tiny miniskirt. It might have been okay if she didn’t make her talk to a handsome stranger. It might have been okay if she hadn’t convinced her to go with the man. It might have been okay if he hadn’t kissed her. It’s not okay, though, because now she’s in a backroom of a bar and a bunch of men are getting ready for a gangbang with her!4. TOPLESS ON THE BEACH (A Rough FFM Threesome Short) by Julie BossoA wife is amazed at how easy it is to seduce Sheryl into a threesome, and the lovely eighteen year old is stunning as she sets about pleasing the husband. That’s not all that will happen in this rough mff threesome, though, because before it’s over, Sheryl will have her first anal sex experience and her first lesbian sex experience, at the hands of the wife with a double sided strap on dildo!5. TRINA TWICE AS FULL (A Double Penetration Erotica Story) by Kate YoungbloodTrina is absolutely in love with Kieran, but to him she’s just a booty call. She stays with him, on call for sex while hoping someday he’ll come to his senses and realize what she’s worth. One late night text message brings her to his home for another servicing, and though she’s humiliated to be nothing more than a piece of ass for him, she dutifully arrives and wakes him slowly. Only…it’s not Kieran! It’s his twin brother, and the situation spirals out of control when Kieran catches them and the twins take Trina together in a rough and powerful first anal sex experience complete with double penetration!Double penetration five times over is a click away, so download it and start reading… and you might want to have a couple of guys around just in case!