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Battle for Kokoda James Cumes

Battle for Kokoda

James Cumes

Published April 30th 2011
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Against the OddsWe are in the middle of the Second World War. Six months after Pearl Harbour, Japanese forces have conquered much of Asia and the Pacific and have now, in July 1942, launched a pincers offensive in New Guinea to take Kokoda in the north and Milne Bay in the east.Nineteen-year-old soldier Peter Brent disembarked at Port Moresby in Papua/New Guinea on 6 June 1942. He was part of the reinforcement of the 39th Infantry Battalion. Japanese bombers killed some of the battalion while unloading the Macdhui in Moresby harbour in mid-June. Most of the rest of their time was spent labouring, fortifying their positions in and around Moresby and training reinforcements. Then, in July, began what proved to be their ultimate challenge.