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YOU Are Creative ~ Start Here Bernie Ross

YOU Are Creative ~ Start Here

Bernie Ross

Published September 30th 2013
Kindle Edition
66 pages
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 About the Book 

YOU Are Creative ~ Start Here is your springboard for a happier and healthier future.You ARE creative! It doesn’t matter what you think- we all create in some way, shape or form, even if it’s only creating the thought that we are definitely not creative! This book will help you to cast all your cares to the wind, rediscover the joy of just DOING without pressure and bring back the confidence that past negative comments have destroyed.Your own unique creativity is waiting to be unshackled. Go on - recycle it, up-cycle it, unshackle it and share the joy!And if you’re a blocked or wilting artist then let this uncomplicated book revive the inspiration in you.A well-known and popular contemporary artist in the North of England had this to say about the book:“There is an absolute optimism in this book, a no fear approach which condemns the constraints of vanity, fashion, and everyday background interference, into the background, where it belongs.This book should be read if not owned by every artist (no matter how they are described), and every aspiring artist or parent of each potential one - it is fun, in whole or in parts.”In these days of scrimping and saving, of emphasis on natural materials versus plastic, and on recycling and eco-friendly activity, YOU Are Creative ~ Start Here covers the essence of drawing, painting, working with malleable materials especially clay, and is a breath of fresh air.