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David Hume: A Short Biography Greg Goebel

David Hume: A Short Biography

Greg Goebel

Kindle Edition
73 pages
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 About the Book 

In 1734, David Hume, a bookish 23-year-old Scotsman, dropped what he was doing in Britain and went off to France to think things over. Living frugally and devoting himself to study and writing, he returned after three years with a hefty manuscript under his arm. Published in three volumes in 1739:40 as A TREATISE OF HUMAN NATURE, it attracted little attention. Reflecting on the event near the end of his life, Hume sighed that it fell still-born from the press. Hume,an irrepressible man, went on to publish essays on a wide range of subjects, as well as A HISTORY OF ENGLAND that would be popular, making Hume one of the first writers to make a good living off his writing alone, and would be a standard text for over a century.Hume, in his lifetime, was a controversial figure, and to the extent he is remembered, he remains controversial. However, Hume is indeed remembered, his insights being too sharp to be easily dismissed and remain unsettling centuries after his death. This document provides a biography of Hume, including a brief survey of his work.