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HR-Ultra J. Emory


J. Emory

Published June 5th 2012
316 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

After mysteriously waking up on Earth, Gabriel and Giuliana—two synthetic humans created by an alien race—find themselves immortal and being ordered to kill or be killed. Through half a century, they struggle with what is right and what is wrong, as they obey orders given them by their alien government. But after decades of executing innocent humans and starting global conflict, they no longer believe in their alien cause and turn against their own synthetic kind and to the protection of Earth’s natural race.HR-Ultra is a social science fiction novel about the Earth overrun with synthetic humans as an extraterrestrial social experiment. It follows Gabriel and Giuliana on their journey through love and loss, resentment and guilt, from 1910, through their participation in the First and Second World Wars, the start of their revolution in 1960’s San Francisco, and their morally ambiguous rebellion in the 21st century.